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I Fed a Hungry Child Today


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My Escape from Haiti

A memoir of Doodle being trapped in Haiti during the gang violence that shut down the country. You can purchase on Amazon today. Or if you are a local to Jacksonville the books are available at Cinottis Bakery located at 1523 Penman Rd Jacksonville Beach Fl 32250

Welcome to Team Haiti

Our story began in January 2010. After the earthquake in Haiti where over 300,000 people were killed, Doodle Cinotti felt in her heart that she was supposed to go and help. Doodle shared with her husband Mike what she felt and he said let's see what we can do. The couple had never been on a mission trip before. They had never thought they would be leading a team to Haiti. Doodle worked at their church, Southpoint Community Church, she went to the Mission's Pastor to ask about a team going to Haiti to serve, build, preach, or whatever was needed to help the people.


A trip was arranged with a group in Jacksonville that would go and build shelters using billboard posters and 2x4s. The team was able to send on a container the materials needed to build 6 shelters. A team of 12 from Southpoint went to Haiti in March 2010. Oh, that first trip! We had so many plans, but the moment our feet hit the ground God changed our plans to His. God has been directing our steps in Haiti ever since that trip. 

We met on our first trip the founder of Mission of Grace, Lynn Joseph and we knew that we were to serve this mission in Carries. We made plans to return and have server Carries ever since. We also have gone to serve Foundation Guillaume in Plaisance, we also serve in Cite Soilie, Bois Nerf, Fond Baptiste, Montrouis, and Achaia.

We have started many ongoing projects to help move Haiti forward. We believe that sharing the gospel with others is first and education is very the key to the future of Haiti. We strive to create jobs, feed the hungry, instill the sanctity of marriage, and provide a better way of living. We want to enhance the environment, promote the reproduction of agriculture, provide a healthy and safe place to live. 

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