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Team Haiti helps feed over 1000 people daily in 3 different areas of Haiti. We currently have 12 gardens in Montrouis and Archaia. We also have 4 gardens in Plaisance. We provide jobs for 23 men. These men work hard everyday cleaning, planting, and harvesting our crops. We also have livestock that provide fresh meat for the people we serve.

These gardens produce healthy foods such as plantains, rice, bananas, okra, spinach, papaya, coconuts, watermelon, mango, corn, peppers, and various seasonal plants. With generous donations, Team Haiti was able to purchase a truck in which is used to deliver ample food for the orphanage, elderly home, school, and families in the village of Carries and Montrouis. In Plaisance, we also serve an elderly home, orphanage and school. We are in the process of purchasing grinders to grind our rice, corn and peanuts.

In Carries, we serve Mission of Grace. We deliver every week fresh produce to help  feed  lunch over 250 students that attend Grace Community School and over 15 elderly at the Home of to Grace  Elderly Home. We also help provide produce for the soup kitchen that feeds around 200 people every day. We also feed the staff at these places as well.

In Montrouis we help sponsor College Mixte Isaac. This school of 105 students was created  to get kids off the street that could not afford to pay for school. The school consists of classrooms that are sitting under trees and a few coverings. We provide fresh produce to help make lunches for them daily,

In Plaisance, we currently have 4 big gardens and 3 workers. We grow rice and vegetables that help feed Home of Grace Plaice which has 20 residents and staff, and we help provide lunches for Ecole Leopold Luc Guillaume. This schools has about 350 students.

Now that Mission of Grace had to move over 200 children to Plaisance for the safety of the kids from the crossfire of the gangs, we help feed all of the daily.


Through the agriculture efforts and monetary endowments, Team Haiti has been able to supply housing for some workers who otherwise had no where to live. The residents of this house also provide security to keep the gardens, tools, and equipment safe.

The agriculture development in the village is vital. Our workers take pride in being able to provide for themselves and their village. The monthly cost of maintaining the gardens, working wages, truck and live stock in all areas is $3000.

A small monthly donation can help keep the gardens open as well as provide a steady job for the workers. If you would like to take part in any of the elements of the agriculture development, please consider a donation in any amount.

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