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Mike and Walter friends forever.

In Honor of Walter Millsaps


Walter decorating a gingerbread house, a family tradition.


Don Jacobs presenting Walter with the Key to Cinotti's Bakery.

Team Haiti was established after a devastating hurricane hit Port-au-Prince in 2010. Walter Millsaps was a customer-turned-friend-turned-family member by then and when he heard about the mission and its efforts to help others; Walter was “all in.” He has been one of our sustaining supporters for the past 11 years. Walter went as far as to involve his mother, “Nana”, in supporting our ministry. Walter and his family have been incredible with both financial support as well as their untold number of prayers for Team Haiti.


Walter was never one to shirk a legal request so when Team Haiti needed help acquiring its 501(c)(3) status he was quick to the challenge. When we called him to tell him of the paperwork approval and our new “official” status, his response –in true Walter fashion, was “Dang, I’m good!”


The fact that Walter requested people to sent support to Team Haiti in leu of flowers speaks volumes of his love and commitment to helping others. This world is a better place because of Walter Millsaps. We are thankful to Jesus for every precious moment we had with our beloved friend. 

Mike and Doodle Cinotti

Founders of Team Haiti

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