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Team Haiti seeks to glorify God in all things. We are committed to praying, as Jesus commands his followers.

"Lord, I believe all things I ask in prayer believing, I shall receive. In the name of Jesus Christ". Matthew 21:22 

We pray for those seeking healing and those who desire a close walk with Jesus Christ.

We are a praying community of men and women who are committed to prayer for advancing the Gospel of Christ.

We ask that you partner with us in prayer with the following prayer points:

Prayer Points for our Mission!

  1. Pray for funds to continue to come in, so we can do the work that God has called us to do.

  2. Pray for safety while in Haiti.

  3. Pray for changed hearts to come to know Jesus.

  4. Pray for Discipleship

  5. Pray for the Haiti government to change and do more for it’s people

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