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Our Leaders

Founder Mike Cinotti

Mike Cinotti founded Team Haiti with his wife Doodle in 2010. He is the spiritual leader for all our teams and helps guide the leaders in their missionary calling. Mike also organizes the construction teams and leads prayer and devotions for the teams. In addition to his commitment to Team Haiti and the village of Carries, Mike also is the owner/operator of a bakery in Florida. His dream is to continue the craft of baking into the community of Carries by opening a bakery in the village.

Founder Doodle Cinotti

With her husband Mike, Doodle Cinotti founded Team Haiti in 2010. Doodle is the administrative officer and liaison between many missions in Haiti. In addition to coordinating itineraries with Team Haiti member, she also arranges training meetings, fundraisers, and other needs within Team Haiti. Doodle was called to serve Haiti in 2010, and recently has been able to become a full-time missionary, spending eight months of the year working in the village of Carries

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