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When Team Haiti first arrived in Carries, we were concerned about the village’s living conditions. There were no bathrooms or trash facilities. Household garbage and human waste polluted the streets. Rainwater would sometimes flush the filth inside homes. Because of the lack of sanitation practices, many in the village were struck with illness.


Team Haiti has worked tirelessly to build a community bathroom which houses four shower stalls and four toilets. This not only keeps the waste off the streets, it also encourages better hygiene practices.


We also have a sanitation crew consisting of nine men from the village, whose job is to keep the village clean and free of any garbage. These men are a vital part of the community and are held in high esteem because they have a job which provides for their families.


There is always more work to be done in keeping a community safe and clean. If you would like to help Team Haiti’s Environmental initiative, please consider a donation in any amount.

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