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Going on a mission trip any where in the world, will change you forever. There is nothing like showing the love of Jesus to those that may not know him. To hug a child or a mom that needs to be encouraged. To spend time with an elderly that are maybe on there last days on earth. To give food to the hungry. To give water to the thirsty. To provide a pencil, crayon or backpack to students. To provide shoes to the barefoot. The list goes on and on. The needs are endless.

Team Haiti has been serving in Haiti since 2010. We serve in Carries, Plaisance, Montroius, and Port au Prince.  We bring teams on trips two times a year. And we have missionaries on the ground different times during the years.

Our team trips usually entail service projects like hosting weddings and parties, serving at a school, evangelism, building projects, clinical, serving at orphanage, serving the elderly, and food & toiletry distributions.

Want to join us on a trip? Fill out this form and we will send you information of our next trip.

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