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Food Distribution

Our Food Distribution project began in 2010 on our first visit to Carries. There are two food distribution projects working in tandem to ensure the village is fed.


The first project involves serving prepared meals to the more than 300 people in the village. We are blessed to be able to provide this size meal to everyone and look forward to serving the village each trip we make.


The second project includes a grocery bag full of pantry staples which allows those in the village to cook meals in their own home. The grocery bag of food is the preferred way as it provides food for a week and only costs a mere $25. Each bag contains rice, beans, pasta, tomato paste, cooking oil, and a bar of soap. In many cases, this $25 bag of groceries will supply a week’s worth of food for each family, some families can stretch it further. 


If you would like to provide a week’s worth of food to a family in Carries, please consider a donation in any amount.

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