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Home of Grace Plaisance
Elderly Home

On one of our recent trips to Haiti, we visited Plaisance du Sud. Mission of Grace has an orphanage there and an elderly home. We saw that the elderly home was very old and not really a place for the elderly that need special care. Team Haiti in July 2020 committed to building a new home for the elderly. 

On September 7, 2021 we moved our elderly in a their new home with 10 new additions to the home. We now have 16 elderly at the home. Some need additional care. We have two that are blind. 3 that have had strokes and are paralyzed to some extent. We have 2 that are crippled in some sort and have a walker or wheel chairs to get around. And like anywhere else the elderly are on some type of medications. 

In Haiti, the elderly are sometimes left by themselves with no care. Their children cannot care for them anymore and just leave them on the street on just alone. We actually had a grandpa dropped off at the gate the second day we opened. 

We provide food, water, medicines, and a staff of 12 to help take care of their needs. 

We have a nurse come in each afternoon to check on them and we have access to a doctor 24/7. 

We have a budget of $1800.00 to meet each month to provide care for the 16 grandpas and grandmas.  We need 2 monthly sponsors of $60 each to meet our budget. 

Could help us by sponsoring one of our elderly?

In the comment box please designate the name of elderly that you would like to help.

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