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Doodle Cinotti

Doodle Cinotti  has been called by God to go and serve Haiti. She has been going to hait since 2010. She now  travels to Haiti on a regular basis. She leaves her husband and family to run the family business while she is away.  While in Haiti she has  to cover room and board , and transportation to and from. She pays for her expenses out of her own pocket for each trip. With your support it will ease some of the burden of these expenses. All of the funds will be used toward the travel expenses for the trips she makes. You can support Doodle with a one time gift or on a monthly basis. 

Kim ODwyer

​In January 2010 a young Canadian woman, Kim O’Dwyer, came to Haiti, originally for only a two month stay, but upon meeting Linotte she sensed something special was happening in Carries and wanted to be a part of it. She asked if she could come and serve Mission of Grace and has been here from that day on. During that time Mission of Grace has grown from an orphanage of 9 kids to an orphanage of over 70 children and has added a church, a school, a medical clinic, an elderly care home, and a mens discipleship home. Early on her heart grew attached to two young twin boys and she knew that one day they would become her sons. Today Joshua and Josiah O'Dwyer have grown into young leaders are becoming the forerunners of the future of Mission of Grace.

Kim, Joshua and Josiah live in Palm Beach, Florida during the school year. Kim is a fulltime single mom and missionary. She is the Mission of Grace Director and work very hard running the mission from both Florida and Haiti. She is on fulltime missionary support. Her expenses are for her and the boys apartment, food and medical needs. You can support this family with one time gift or on a monthly basis. 

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